Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Welcome to the Official Blogspot of Damayan Migrant Workers Association!


DAMAYAN Migrant Wokers Association, Inc. is an independent non-profit grassroots organization based in New York and New Jersey that upholds and promotes the rights and welfare of Filipino migrant workers. It also raises awareness and organizes around issues of migrant workers, particularly domestic workers, to understand the root causes of these issues. Damayan is a Filipino word that means helping each other.

At the core of DAMAYAN is the leadership of highly committed Filipina domestic workers - nannies, babysitters, cooks, and housekeepers. Realizing that ninety percent of the 1,700 Filipino women who leave the Philippines everyday become domestic workers in foreign countries, DAMAYAN currently focuses on organizing Filipina domestic workers in New York and New Jersey, while being open for membership to all migrant workers and individuals who want to be involved.

  • Migrant Workers Education and Leadership Training
  • Job Training and Referral Program
  • Health and Legal Services
  • Catering Service
  • Volunteer and Internship Program
  • Networking and Campaigns


Membership is open to all individuals who are willing to support the migrant workers' cause. Membership requirements are: signing a membership form, paying the minimal membership fee of $5 a year, and taking the DAMAYAN New Member Orientation.


If you are not ready to become a member but with to be involved, then we encourage you to join our rapidly growing network of allies. Our network is composed of lawyers, doctors, students, activists and community members who contribute their time and talents in helping migrant workers through DAMAYAN.


C/O Metro Baptist Church
406 West 40th Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10018
Tel: 212-564-6057
Fax: 212-564-6057

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